Sunday, 18 October 2015

a long night journey

He  Drove  All  Night

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Was that a submarine ? Or ?  No! Wait a sec ! ….. WHOA !!

At first, the driver did not want to drive at all, later gave in to the pleas of the passenger!
The driver wants to take it cool,,, but is at the mercy of the passenger.
Sitting in the passenger seat,, all nice and comfortable. Belt and all!!
But what’s the hurry?, Little Master? Why the rush ?

 Guided by the Mechanic, the drivers trying for a safe landing.
What with the waters leaking, engine heating!!
Oxygen limited, driving towards safety, now, becomes more urgent and essential!
Time limits too.
Dark are the nights, especially for fighters. Long are the hours.
Struggle is on…. Now a receiving team, waiting to take over.

As the sun peeps over, the driver all sweating and set.

To deliver.           

And  the Mechanic and her team, with all their tools and gears, anticipating.

A loud long shrilling shriek is followed by a long long healthy wail!
The drive and the wait is over.
There has been a safe landing. After the nights long drive,
The driver and passenger have safely arrived. 
 The happy sun rays spreading.

The Mechanic and her team, with all their tools and gears,
Made this possible – what with the waters leaking and engine heating!!
The driver and the passenger, are now, both in good health and glowing.
Yes… Driving can be a lot of things… but this is something else !!

 ----- the driver                                                                        

 ---- the passenger


----- the little master


----- the mechanic 

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Monday, 12 October 2015

LG NEXUS 5X #ChampIsBack

“I am participating in the #ChampIsBack activity at BlogAdda

                                                                   THE NEXT GENERATION 

Hiya folks,
Go and ask your grandmother which phone she would like to have with her at all times.
Probably, she will squeal out her laughter, rather loudly, thinking you are nuts or she will just shoo you away.

Now , ask your mom, a home maker the same thing.
She’s sure to feel Maha  pleased, that you have thought her worthy of giving you an opinion on the latest smartphones. Smart, that she is, she will buy time, stating she is busy with something else. And that she will give her opinion in an hour. Immediately and secretly, she will Google .. :) and this will be her output…

I want the colour  ICE, she coos ..reason?  I am the coolest one…just like ice !! So…and LG NEXUS 5X is the best.

Just imagine! She continues, 32 GB storage!! Her enthusiasm increases. So many pictures I can take of my kids and store and send them across to everyone…she continues to croon. By-passing all the high tech details that is too much for her understanding. She is imagining herself to be KRISHHH, what with all the finger print stuff and all. 

Next in line is the youngest. A ten-year old brat, a family consisting of 5 brats.
Amazing, eh ! Amazing !! I tell you. Really amazing!!
He knows that the LG NEXUS 5X smartphone  launches in October 2015.  He knows all the colours available. He knows the specifications. He knows….guess what??
You won’t believe this !! Have a look at what he tells me...........a comparison of whats available in the market !!

 And LG NEXUS 5X is the best.

 All the information at the tip of his tongue. Wish he knew his mathematic tables just as well. But, again, this is the next generation.!  Their specialty lies in technology.
 I held my first cell phone 10 years back, whereas, my little one , who is ten years old now, already holds his first cell phone.!! 

Seeing the growth and improvement in the tech know-how today?
Cross my heart, when I win this LG NEXUS 5X smartphone, its going to Grandmother’s hands straight away.

This is an opportunity not to be missed, so grab this chance to win a brand new LG NEXUS 5X by blogging for the #ChampIsBack! ... All  for the Grandmother...Love you AJJI !!

“I am participating in the #ChampIsBack activity at BlogAdda